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The 1859 map of Lansing, notice Lot 9

Sometimes odd things happen during the course of the day, I was asked to pull the record of a home on Maple Street and while doing so I can across the above image and decided to find out more about the structure. Why? Well because I liked the porch.

The home at 1101 N. Cedar was recorded to have been built in 1854, but by who is unknown. The first recorded resident was Jesse Newsome (Newsom) a wagon maker and wheelwright who was born in England in June 8, 1824 and immigrated to the United States Settling in Ottawa County, Michigan. Jesse was married to Elizabeth, the couple had four children, Eliza, Mary, Irwin, Abram and Ellen. The family appears in the 1860 Federal Census; listed as living in Lansing’s old 1st ward. The 1859 Topographic map of the counties of Ingham & Livingston, Michigan has J Newsome as the owner of the property on the NW Corner of Cedar and Wall (Maple) Streets. In all probability Jesse built the home at 1101 N. Cedar, he had the skills to accomplish the task. With the outbreak of the Civil War Jesse enlisted on October 23, 1861 in the 1st Michigan Engineers & Mechanics, Company K as a Sergeant. He was discharged on April 21, 1863 but reenlisted on November 13, 1864 with the 23rd Michigan Infantry Company F, he was later transferred to Company E where he served as the Flag Holder. Jesse was discharged on September 13, 1865. After the war Jesse and his family moved to Westphalia, Michigan where he farmed. Jesse Newsome passed away on January 10, 1877.


1101 N. Cedar, notice the porch details

The property at 1101 N. Cedar was later acquired by Edward N. White a North Lansing business man who had opened a Grocery Store on the corner of Franklin (Grand River) Avenue and Center Street. Edward White was born near Rochester, New York on February 12, 1842 to Nelson and Emily (née Penfield) White. At the age of 4 his family moved to Ohio where he resided until 1863 when he moved to Watertown, Michigan. In 1866 Edward moved to Lansing where he found employment as a clear. On November 28, 1874 Edward married Miss Maggie Collins in Jackson, Michigan, the couple had one child Harry. Soon after his marriage Edward left the grocery business and entered the grain business working at the Hart Milling Company and later for Christian Breisch & Company. Edward was also active in politics serving as a Lansing alderman and on the Board of Education for 10 years. Edward Nelson White passed away at his home on April 10, 1905. (LJ 4/10/1905, SR 4/10/1905)

Maggie White was born on the Collins farm near DeWitt, Michigan on December 9, 1846 to James and Margaret (née McCormick (?)) Collins. After her marriage to Edward she became one of the leading voices in Lansing for the poor. She was a charter member of the Lansing Industrial Aid Society and worked directly with the disadvantaged. Maggie died at her home on August 1, 1908 of, as her death certificate listed ‘General Decay’. (LJ 8/3/1908 and SR 8/3/1908)

In a 1937 description of the home the structure is described as having been built with a stone foundation and the framing was of had hewn logs. The article state that the “house was pretentious for the time and is believed to have been built by some early business man of North Lansing”. That description fits with the skills that Newsome had given his profession. It is doubtful he would have employed someone to do the work. I do question whether such an ornate porch was part of the original construction. The 1859 Ingham County Map does not provide enough detail while the 1866 Birds eye view show a home on the site but again the detail is lacking. So by the time we get to the 1885 Sanborn Map and have a layout of the home and there are two separate porches, see the above image. Finally in 1898 we get the wrap around porch.  (LSJ 6/25/1937)

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